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Michael Biach is a travel & documentary photographer and writer who began his work in 2012. Since then his major interest lies in documenting social issues, labor conditions and human-interest stories in general. He recently reported of human struggle in post-war countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo or Sri Lanka, Bangladesh’s garment industry, religious ceremonies in the Balkans and Southeast Asia and social grievances in Roma communities.

His photographs have been published in many print and online publications, including National Geographic, ZEIT Online, Vice, Al-Jazeera, GEO Saison, Die Presse, Wiener Zeitung, Weekendavisen, Spiegel Online, Daily Mail, Ouest-France, ZDF, Die Furche, profil, Roads & Kingdoms, Nettavisen and many others. His work has been exhibited in Berlin, Brussels, Vienna, London and Bosnia.

“I am fascinated in documenting other people’s lives, their living and working conditions, simple moments of everyday life. I always treat people with respect, try to never bother them or photograph them out of a voyeuristic view. If you are respectful, if you first get in touch with people and try to talk to them, to understand them, before you grab your camera and do your photographs, then your images will be honest. I always try to improve my ability in empathy, so I am sure my pictures will get more authentic.”


 www.michaelbiach.com / contact (at) michaelbiach (dot) com



  1. Hi! Very good photos and text about Križna jama cave. I knew that you are not only someone who came to see the cave and to make some photos. By the way I was with You in Križna jama cave. I was a bit dissapointed because we couldn’t go till the end but the nature is bigger than we are. Next time. All the best. Matjaž

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