Balkan Nights


For a while now I have been working on a story about the Ex-Yugoslavian community in Vienna, focusing on all phases of people’s everyday life as well as religious and cultural aspects. Of course, this also includes the typical bars with live music and a lot of meat to eat…

Here are a couple of images from a recent visit to one of these bars in Vienna, the Café Sezam.


xxmichaelbiachphotography_balkannight-7933A customer is dancing to live music in Café Sezam, located near the so-called “Balkan Mile” in the 16th district. 

xxmichaelbiachphotography_balkannight-7864A singer from Serbia in Café Sezam. 


xxmichaelbiachphotography_balkannight-7954Customers of Café Sezam enjoy a plate full of meat. 


xxmichaelbiachphotography_balkannight-8065Café Sezam bar owner Murat Ladjar, originally coming from Novi Pazar, is showing off his Tito tattoo. 

xxmichaelbiachphotography_balkannight-7968The photographer in the middle.