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I will have an exhibition of my photographs of the life in Lunik IX, a Roma slum in East Slovakia, in a group exhibition during  ‘Photographie et Architecture Triennale #5’ in Brussels, Belgium from March 19th 2015 until June 10th 2015. Location: “Espace Architecture”,19 bis Place Flagey, 1050 Bruxelles. Have a look inside if you are in town.

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 02

The apartment complex of Lunik IX, Kosice, Slovakia. Some of the buildings have had to be demolished in the meantime.


Invitation of the Exhibtion in Brussels, Belgium.

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 01

Karmena is a teenage Romni living in Lunik IX. Devastated and frustrated she is standing in a recently abandoned flat in Lunik IX. More and more apartments become uninhabitable.

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 04

Roma kids play in the back of one of Lunik IX’s apartment buildings next to a several meter thick layer of garbage.

Lunik IX is an apartment complex in the southwestern suburbs of Kosice, Slovakia. Originally build as home for middle-class families with a capacity of 2,500 people, the Slovakian government started to resettle thousands of Slovakian people affiliated to the Roma minority in the 1990s. Today Lunik IX is home to an estimated number of 6,000 to 8,000 Roma making it the largest Roma community in Slovakia.

Over the years Lunik IX evolved into an urban slum. The unemployment rate is nearly 100%, inhabitants aren’t able to pay their water, gas or electricity bills. The waste disposal isn’t working as inhabitants constantly throw their trash right out of the window.

Several buildings are in an unacceptable condition and at risk to collapse.

The children of Lunik IX are the first who suffer from these horrible conditions.

Full length photo essay: http://goo.gl/Yx5NGS

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 07

Karmena, a teenage Roma girl is sitting on a balcony of one of Lunik IX’s abandoned flats. The garbage thrown out of the window has already reached the first floor. 

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 15

Tap water is only available during a couple of hours per day. 

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 41

Roma kids burning trash as a pastime activity in Lunik IX.

MichaelBiach_The Kids from Lunik IX 14

Roma girl sitting on the stairs of one of Lunik IX’s apartment buildings.

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