2016_Scotland-5137Crail, Firth of Forth. 

2016_Scotland-5979Hermaness Reserve, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5005Edinburgh, Holyrood Park.

2016_Scotland-5129Crail, Firth of Forth.

2016_Scotland-5870Hermaness Reserve, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-6425Isle of Skye.

2016_Scotland-6065Italian Chapel, Orkney Islands.


2016_Scotland-5521St. Ninians Isle, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5437St. Ninians Isle, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5716Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5244Eshaness, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-6368Isle of Skye. 


2016_Scotland-5473St. Ninian’s Isle, Shetland Islands.


2016_Scotland-5771Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5861Hermaness Reserve, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5388Eshaness, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-5922Hermaness Reserve, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-6025Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-6173.jpgRing of Brodgar, Orkney Islands.


2016_Scotland-6341.jpgEilean Donan Castle.

2016_Scotland-6392.jpgIsle of Skye.

2016_Scotland-6394.jpgIsle of Skye.

2016_Scotland-6407.jpgIsle of Skye.

2016_Scotland-6371.jpgIsle of Skye.

2016_Scotland-5459St. Ninians Isle, Shetland Islands.

2016_Scotland-6477.jpgCulross, Firth of Forth.


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